About DT Computer Sales and Service

DT Computers Sales and Service located at 333 Oakland Ave with our web development services.
We offer:
• Repairs on Smart Screen, Laptop Screen Replacement, Apple Service
• Computer and Networking Services - In-Home Service and In-Home Networking
• Operating System Services Physical cleaning, Diagnosis & Cleaning, Operating System Clean & Restore, Data Backup and Password Reset
• System Installs - Simple as well as Complex Hardware Install
• Windows System - Windows Offline account, Software Install and Optimization
• Parts Order
• Recovery of Data
• Web Design and Hosting

Jared Smith
IT Hardware Technician

Specializes in diagnostic and hardware configurations, software installation, hardware repair, diagnosis and troubleshooting computer problems an removal of software related infections. Building and configuration of new hardware and updating software. Jared's specialty is in the design of custom built computers.

"Major props to DT Computer Sales and Services Customs here in Findlay, OH for their most excellent work and going above and beyond for their customers. If you're having computer troubles, these are the gentlemen to see. Cheap prices, thorough inspections, and genuine computer geeks. Great computer shops are made of these. Pay 'em a visit."

- Sam Donnelly / Google Review

"Excellent service ran by professionals. Prices are always cheap, and is easily the best computer place in town!"

- Lucas Kelley-Kieffer / Facebook Review

"Great guys! Brought in my machine for some trouble shooting, helped me track down my issue and didn't charge me a dime. 10/10 would highly recommend."

- Benjamin VanAtta / Facebook Review