Computer and Networking Services

In-Home Service

Configure your computer to existing wired or wireless internet connection.
Configure your PC to access one existing e-mail account.
Connect and configure one peripheral device (Printer, scanner, external hard drive, etc.)
Install up to 2 software application that you provide.
This is included in any of our in-home services! Maximum radius 15 miles from our store + $3 /per mile.* $85

In-Home Networking

In-Home Networking seamlessly integrates all of your computers, laptops, printers, smart-phones and tablets you may have at your location. If you have more than one computer and more than one user in your home you would benefit from our in-home network services.

You have 2 options on how the network can be set up, wired or wireless. We will come out to your house to consult with you on what would work best for you.

  1. Selection of wired or wireless
  2. The actual install and setup.
  3. Smartphone and tablet integration with your network IP
  4. We will do the troubleshooting to insure that all component connections are connected to the network.
  5. All files, printer and fax (if used) are connected to the networking and working.
  6. We can integrate your home entertainment system into the network if you wish also.

    This includes the setup of a basic home network and all devices and printers attached to the home network! Maximum radius 15 miles from our store + $3 /per mile.**